How to Use Depilatory Wax

Depilatory wax is a cosmetic wax that is designed for the removal of unwanted hair. It is made of granules that soften at 140oF and melt at 144oF. It is also known as hard wax and should be stirred regularly. It is suitable for use on larger areas of the body.

The use of depilatory wax has become popular in recent years. It is easy to apply and is safe on the skin. It is odorless, sticky, and odorless and can be used on legs, arms, and other hairy areas. To use it, heat the wax in the microwave, and apply it on the desired area. After that, pull it off quickly using a paper strip or cloth.

The depilatory wax is available in different weights, so you can choose the weight that fits your needs. One gram of wax is enough to cover an area approximately half a centimeter in diameter. To buy Ceara epilare, visit a beauty supply store. Some good brands include GiGi, Amber Products, Kera Ban, Millenia, and Club1.

Depilatory wax comes in both hard and soft forms. A professional will know the right one for your skin. During the waxing procedure, be sure to use a sterile area and disinfect all your tools. Wash your hands afterward. Then, you should apply a post-wax cream to soothe the skin and relieve redness.

Before you apply depilatory wax, you need to thoroughly wash and dry the affected area. The wax will adhere better if the area is clean and dry. The wax should be warm, but not too warm to hurt your wrist. You should apply it in the direction of the hair growth. And finally, you need to apply Post-Epilatory Cream or Argan Lotion to clean off the leftover wax residue.

Depilatory creams and waxes are great options for people who want to remove unwanted hair without using a razor. But they are not always perfect. They do not remove hair completely and they can cause skin irritation and infection. The results can be short-lived and can be transferred to other areas of the body. A patch test is recommended before starting any type of depilatory treatment.

When choosing depilatory wax, it is essential to choose a good quality product with minimal side effects. You can choose to buy a natural one that is free of chemicals. However, this is more expensive than the resin-based products. However, natural wax is gentler on the skin than its counterpart.

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