ACIM: A Course In Miracles David Hoffmeister

Universal Love

“You are voluntarily opening to the experience of unconditional, universal Love, our very Being. Our Divine Love is Spirit and all-inclusive. Our Divine Love is the Love in and of God and is all in all. Our Divine Love is a state of being that has no degrees, or distinctions, or differences, for Love is One. The world of the ego was the belief in different “kinds” of love. “Love” to the ego reflected the belief in differences: time, bodies, roles, sexual preferences, heredity, compatibility, contact, history, ambitions, goals, etc. Yet living in the moment, aligned with the Holy Spirit’s purpose, the differences and demarcations of the ego seem to be fading fast. This is a natural expression of miracles, for all people and things are included in the Holy Spirit’s gentle perspective.

You are learning to live in the moment, yet you must come to realize that you do not have the power to make anyone afraid. You have opened your mind to answer the Inner call to forgive fear, to see its unreality. The ego fears the Love of God, and you are beginning to realize that you must release the ego completely to be entirely free from the illusion of fear. God creates our Self in Love, and there is no fear in our Christ Self. Love is our home, our natural state of Being, and fear is unreal and therefore alien to Love. Love knows ItSelf and looks on ItSelf as All there Is.

Who is our father, mother, husband, wife, sister, brother, child, neighbor, friend, fellow human being, etc.? Beyond the veil of images “they” are our very Self, the Christ. The Holy Spirit’s perspective includes all and excludes none. Everyone and everything is welcome in the Holy Spirit’s gentle gaze! What does the Holy Spirit’s perspective cost? Nothing, for all that God gives is freely given forever and ever! Images are fleeting and temporary—they seem to come and they seem to go. God’s Love has no beginning and no end and remains eternally the same —constant and absolute and infinite.

Awakening might be called the giving up Acim of nothing and the remembrance of everything! Forgiveness is not difficult—it is easy. The seeming desire to cling to illusion and fear —that was the pseudo experience of “difficulty.” Thanks be to God—illusion need not be experienced at all!

The Holy Spirit guides us safely, surely, and specifically. All that is required is willingness to take the inner steps that are asked by the Holy Spirit. I am with you every step of the way Beloved One, and failure is impossible. Destiny calls to accept the inevitable correction to the belief in separation from God. God’s Will is for perfect happiness, and nothing can prevail against a Child of God who hears and follows God’s gentle and certain Voice. Express the love in our heart to everyone the Holy Spirit sends to you without reservation or hesitation. Hold nothing back in sharing this Divine Love, and you will see no one as separate or different from our Spirit. In every seeming meeting or encounter, I Am Present. Our Divine Love transcends the perception of bodies and differences.

Love is universal. Love is kind. Love does not possess. Love Is Now.”

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