10 Best Test Series for UPSC, Civil Services Exams 2023

Test Series for UPSC is one of the most important part during their preparation. Due to the dynamic pattern of UPSC Civil Services Exam in the recent years, it is necessary to reorient your strategy to changing needs as per this exam. There are many IAS coaching institutes that have vast experience of successfully guiding and mentoring students to provide a suitable strategy to our students to handle the

different facets of prelims/mains papers.

Many students invest 8-9 hours daily in preparation throughout the year. Out of them, only a few students able to clear UPSC examinations. There are several reasons behind this. But the most common reason seen is the Lack of Practice. Aspirants generally avoid or in most cases delay in attempting mock test before exams.

Best Test Series for UPSC, Civil Services Exams

To start the list, we’ll talk about Test Series for UPSC. These are often easier to take mock tests and practice for Prelims/Mains, and you

can choose from a wide range of UPSC test series with different features. The best test series helps IAS aspirants to score good marks

in one of the most competitive civil service exams in India. As they said, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, solving the IAS prelims test

series is a wise move towards your goal, while others are limited in their feature sets. Still, they have unique assets like good interface,

unlimited tests or practice test on Mobile/Laptop/desktop.

1. VisionIAS Test Series: One of the flagship programs of VisionIAS, the All India Test Series for UPSC CS is taken by thousands as a stepping stone to crack the UPSC CS examination. The Post Test Analysis helps aspirants identify their areas of strengths & improvements and helps them improve their Prelims score.

Here are the top reasons to know that make it different from others:

  • Post Test Analysis: Increase marks through in-depth analysis & corrective measures.
  • Closely Aligned to UPSC Syllabus: Understand requirements & prepare effectively according to the demands of the examination.
  • Complete coverage of Prelims Syllabus: Don’t miss out any topics of the Syllabus & get complete coverage.
  • Live Test Discussion: Interactive & detailed discussion of tests through Live videos to resolve queries/doubts.

2. Vajiram & Ravi Test Series: Vajiram & Ravi recognize the value of your time and commitment, which is why, based on it’s decades of UPSC CSE examination experience, It is bringing you the Test Series program for UPSC CS to expedite your preparation for CSE soon after the Prelims/Mains examination. This program will help you improve your writing abilities, analytical comprehension, and language proficiency so that you can qualify the Civil Services Examination’s most difficult stage.

The most critical stage of the UPSC CSE is the Prelims Exam where the screening is most aggressive, and majorly be considered a stage were filtering out takes place. One can clear this exam by understanding the fact that it’s not only reading and revision which can help, rather it is all about aggressive Testing and Improving every day. Thus, a Test Series for UPSC is sine quo non to clear it. Vajiram & Ravi brings to you the most UPSC Syllabus synchronized Test series for UPSC CS logically planned into Sectional and Full-length tests to help you prepare for the exam in 360 degrees.

3. Unacademy Test Series: UNACADEMY is a great for online test series programs that is widely known through which you can study at the comfort of your home. It has a great faculty which has an experience in UPSC teaching field and they communicate very well which help in better understanding.

What are the benefits of this subscription?

You will get access to comprehensive UPSC Test Series courses and mock tests by top Educators. This will allow you to evaluate your

learning and measure your progress. Additionally, you can participate in doubt-clearing sessions with the Educators and get your queries


4. Shankar IAS Test Series: Shankar IAS Academy is a leader in the Test Series for UPSC with more than a decade of experience. Every year Test Series for UPSC of Shankar IAS is attempted by many students. The testimonials received for their UPSC Test Series 2021 vouch for the quality of coaching provided for UPSC Civil Services Exams. They will guide candidates with the perfect and advanced system and mentor the tricks to successfully handle the UPSC Prelims/Mains Exams through their UPSC test series.

5. IASSCORE Test Series: Civil Services Exam demands the aspirant to have multidimensional knowledge. It’s often mistaken that the preparation for UPSC Prelims and mains should be done separately. When IASSCORE go through the UPSC Syllabus we will find that there are various topics that are overlapping in nature. In order to have a smooth preparation journey one should prepare for Mains and Prelims simultaneously.

6. ClearIAS Test Series: More than 3,00,000 aspirants have registered within a short span of time in the ClearIAS Online Mock Test Platform acknowledging the quality of our tests. ClearIAS Test Series for UPSC integrates learning with test-taking and help you learn faster. ClearIAS has separate online mock exam packages for General Studies Paper 1 and General Studies Paper 2 (CSAT).

7. Drishti IAS Test Series: Drishti – UPSC CSP (2023) Test series will strategically provide its students with an in-depth coverage of the syllabus and scientifically designed revision plans covering the entire static and current portions (multiple times). With the help of guidance, we aim to make sure that our students are exam ready, with all the skills and tools needed to handle any surprise UPSC throws at them.

8. Rau’s IAS Test Series: Rau’s IAS test series for UPSC 2022 has been specifically designed to provide best strategy to clear UPSC Civil Services Exam through a step-up approach. It is also a meticulously designed IAS Study Plan to organize your preparation and keep you on track towards covering the Prelims GS and CSAT syllabus extensively from NCERT to ADVANCE level.

9. DhyeyaIAS Test Series CAIPTS is comprehensive and integrated program which will provide CSE Aspirants a good competitive environment who are appearing in CSE-2023. In addition to this, an integrated guidance mechanism has been included in CAIPTS to keep the aspirants aligned with the true spirit of Civil Service Exam.

10. KSG Test Series: This is one the best coaching institutes which gives the best test series for UPSC prelims as well as mains. questions in its test series are very near to UPSC pattern which helps in the main exam. KSG has been consistently working towards a set of goals, helping aspirants prepare for the Civil Services exam with a error proof strategy.


Altogether, there is no doubt that the test series for UPSC Civil Services Exams plays a very important role in strengthening your preparation for India’s most prestigious exam. Mock test series puts your preparation on the test and let you know how well you’re doing and what more to do.

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