Gaming Keyboard – Is a 60 Percent Keyboard Right For You?

A sixty percent keyboard is designed for gamers. Its compact design and rock-solid construction make it an excellent choice for the avid gamer. The keyboard also has a braided USB-C cable, double-shot PBT keycaps, and per-key RGB lighting. Additionally, it has three-angle adjustable feet and NGenuity software for customizable key settings. It supports up to three profiles for optimal performance. But, is this keyboard the best option for you?

A 60 percent keyboard is a unique design that removes 40 percent of a standard keyboard. This results in a keyboard with 61 keys instead of the usual 104. The keyboard also removes the number pad, function keys, and arrow keys. The keyboard also lacks the system keys, which are only useful when you need them. Its design has many other benefits, but some users might not like its unique look. But if you’re one of these gamers, the 60 percent keyboard is a great option.

Another advantage of a sixty percent keyboard is its flexibility. Most 60 percent keyboards are customizable and come with several custom keysets. If you want a keyboard that blends in with your desktop, you can opt for the Razer Huntsman Mini. This keyboard is quiet and smooth and features dedicated emoji keys. Despite its lack of wireless connectivity, the Huntsman Mini is still a solid choice for gamers. There are also several options for larger 60 percent keyboards.

Another popular mechanical keyboard is the Anne Pro 2. This product is made of premium plastic and features excellent double-shot PBT keycaps. You can choose between Cherry and Kailh switches. It is also compact and has excellent RGB lighting. You can customize its lighting effects with the use of the Obinskit Console, which features customizable macros and lighting effects. Additionally, this keyboard supports up to four devices simultaneously. Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100.

Apple’s keyboard keys are designed to evoke ancient typewriters. It feels like typing on an analog device. The keyboard is compatible with three devices, including MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Apple also offers eight swappable Emoji keys. Customizing these keys is easy with the software. Its size makes it the most portable keyboard among 60 percent keyboards. The Apple keyboard also runs on batteries and is Climate Pledge-friendly and carbon-neutral.

A 60 percent keyboard can be useful if you need access to some key functions but cannot reach them on a standard computer. In such cases, the key you need for a specific task can be accessed by using a function toggle key. But, if you need to press a function key frequently, you may want to buy a full-size keyboard instead. Then, you can use Fn+L to activate the Home function.

The Ducky One 2 Mini comes with a 60% keyboard that’s easy to use. It’s built well and features a top-of-the-line PBT plastic keycaps. It has 60 keys for the fastest typing experience. However, it costs more than most 60% keyboards. Despite its higher price, it’s still a good choice for gamers. But, if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend too much, don’t forget to check out the Ducky One 2 instead. Its quality is good and it offers a lot of customization options.

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