Merchant Warehouse – What Are the Benefits of a Merchant Warehouse?

Are you thinking about starting a merchant warehouse? Here are several things to keep in mind. Before you get started, you should research the services and features offered by merchant warehouse providers. Then, make a decision based on these criteria. Here are some benefits of a merchant warehouse:

Personalized consultation assistance: Merchant Warehouse is known for its high-quality, personalized consultation assistance. They train their client-service representatives to guide merchants through different payment gateway processes, and they empower them to better handle calls. The company’s mission is to provide a positive customer experience, so they have a solid foundation for their representatives. And if you want to avoid calling a merchant’s representative a lot, you should take advantage of the company’s free phone consultations.

World-class service: Merchant Warehouse’s client services team focuses on providing world-class service for customers. This team also strives to enhance employee morale and productivity. To this end, they have established a Culture Committee that organizes fun office activities and encourages cross-training within the company. Additionally, the team conducts quarterly focus groups to identify employee concerns. The results of these focus groups determine policy changes and improvements to help the company continue to provide excellent service.

Genius Customer Engagement Platform: In 2012, Merchant Warehouse introduced a new processing solution called Genius Customer Engagement Platform, which consists of hardware and a suite of payment services. The Genius Customer Engagement Platform is designed to accept both traditional and emerging payment methods, including mobile payments. Additionally, the Genius system supports digital wallets. Merchant Warehouse claims that its Genius customer engagement platform is future-proof, and it helps merchants leverage new technologies such as mobile payments and e-commerce.Flexible pricing: When it comes to payment processing, there are other services that offer better deals. One of the biggest advantages of Host Merchant Services is that they offer free equipment. Compared to merchant warehouse, it is better to opt for Host Merchant Services if you want to accept credit and debit cards. With Host Merchant Services, you can take advantage of free equipment, and no contracts or cancellation fees. They also offer expert payment processing services.

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