What is ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scan is a diagnostic test that involves the use of high frequency sound waves. This is used to detect abnormalities in the body. Ultrasonic scanning is carried out by a doctor or radiologist. The process involves a small tube with a thin and flexible ultrasonic microphone at the end. This probe is covered with a protective sheath and lubricating gel. Although ultrasonic scanning can be uncomfortable, it’s very short.

Ultrasound scan uses high frequency sound waves that affect different structures in the body and send back echoes with varying power. This procedure usually involves lying on the sofa with lubricating gel that is applied to the skin. The operator will then probe ultrasound in the area being studied. Scan can last from 15 to 30 minutes. The image is displayed on the monitor. Some scanning will require you to take off your clothes. Another test might require you to wear a hospital dress.

Ultrasound procedures involve the placement of probe ultrasound in the vagina or rectum. Probe is then transferred on the patient’s skin to collect images of organs and internal tissue. Sound waves are too high to be heard by humans, but they rise again when they reach a denser object. Images produced by ultrasonic scanning are made by tracking echoes. This type of imaging can be a very useful tool in diagnosing disease or guiding surgical procedures.

Ultrasonography Doppler is a noninvasive procedure that can detect abnormalities in the heart. This is used to detect abnormalities in the valve and heart structure. Another type of ultrasound is carotid duplex, which shows the movement of blood cells in the carotid arteries. Anesthesia is usually given before the ultrasound procedure. It takes between 20 and 60 minutes to complete the procedure. Ultrasonic scanning is generally not painful and does not produce sound.

The transducer that radiates ultrasonic waves is used for the imaging process. Transducer is rotated mechanically or scanned electronically. The data collected is then processed to create an image. This picture is a representation of the body slices that have been done. The image is then presented in 2-D format. This picture can be a good representation of the condition of the organ being checked. However, it is important to note that there is still no drug for all these conditions, and that ultrasonic examination is not intended to diagnose or treat disease.

Ultrasonography is the most common type of scanning in hospitals and medical centers. This provides a dynamic assessment of the abdominal area and does not require a messy tool or procedure. The results are usually available when the patient leaves the examination room. A doctor will discuss the results with the patient after reviewing the test. If there are abnormalities in the abdominal area, a doctor can recommend other types of ultrasound. However, patients must visit the clinic for a follow -up promise to discuss results and options for treatment.

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