Perfect Ten Condominium – Direct Developer Prices, Floor Plans, and Brochures

If you are looking for a condominium in the heart of Singapore, perfect ten is a good choice. Located in District 10, it is easier to access public transportation with its nearest MRT station. In addition to offering spectacular cities and beautiful views, this building is well connected via roads, trains, and MRTs. This building is located near many facilities including supermarkets, restaurants and shopping centers. Ten Perfect condominium is a versatile store for all your real estate needs.

The building faces the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and complements its surrounding architecture. The peak of luxury is proven by the glass facade and Miele equipment. In the kitchen, steam oven, integrated refrigerator, and grape coolers are all standard. Other luxury facilities include ceiling speakers in the bedroom, wine cooler, and double gaggenau refrigerator. The bathroom has a large bathtub, a separate washing machine and dryer, and a safe in the master cupboard.

The perfect ten conjinium is close to many facilities, which will be considered beneficial for residents when planning the night. The nearest restaurant and special shopping center are available for residents. Residents will have easy access to the novena special shopping center. Or, residents can drive short -distance to the nearest Balmoral Plaza, which is home to a quiet shopping center. This comfort will definitely impress anyone. Apart from the facilities, the ten perfect condominiums will provide an extraordinary environment for the residents.

Do you want to spend Perfect ten condo night with friends or spend the afternoon alone, you will find that the tin hill offers many dining choices. From casual cafes to trendy restaurants, you will never lack choices in this environment. With the increase in transportation options in the area, perfect future residents will not have difficulty getting these options. Do you want to bring your family to eat, pamper yourself by eating at one of these restaurants.

This environment features several popular supermarkets. Close to Ten Perfect is Fairprice Square, which has several grocery stores and all -round shops. Besides United Square, you will find JaysBloom, Fairprice Square, and Sol Mart – Square 2. Ten Perfect condominium is also close to several supermarkets, including Whole Foods and Safeway Store. This area also features several leading restaurants and bar, including ‘The Gourmet Gourmet’ which is famous.

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