Alimentum Baby Formula Recall Lawsuit

If you’ve recently learned that your child was infected with Cronobacter, you may be considering filing an Alimentum Baby Formula Recall Lawsuit. Many families have already filed lawsuits against the company. The company faces a class-action lawsuit because it failed to properly address the contamination problem in its manufacturing facility in Michigan. As a result, infants were infected with the bacteria and developed serious illnesses.

In February of this year, Abbott announced a massive baby formula recall, linked to a deadly bacteria. The bacteria, Cronobacter sakazakii, was found in Alimentum, Elecare, and Similac, three brands that were distributed nationwide in recent years. The contamination was found in the product at a facility owned by Abbot Nutrition, which was the company responsible for the widespread distribution. Several babies were sickened or even died after eating the contaminated formula.

The manufacturer of the recalled formula, Abbott, has already received five citations from the FDA. The complaints allege that the company failed to clean hands properly and to adequately maintain the facility. The agency also discovered Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria during a previous inspection. Because of the recent contamination, Abbott Laboratories and Abbott Nutrition may have destroyed evidence to cover up their mistake. This is unfortunate and needs to be investigated.

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed by parents whose children have been affected by the recalled formula. The lawsuit claims that the company violated federal consumer laws and failed to adequately control the quality of the product. The company failed to implement a system of process controls, which required strict food safety procedures. These toxins can cause serious illness in children, including sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis.

Parents have cited serious health risks from using the recalled formula. This contaminant has been linked to at least 4 infant hospitalizations. It is also linked to several other recalls. Similac and EleCare baby formulas were recalled as well. The company’s products were not safe to use, and the parents who ingested them are suing because they were not warned of the dangers.

The Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare Baby Formula Recall Lawsuits allege that the companies failed to warn consumers about a potentially harmful infection. Parents are suing to recover compensation for their children’s medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. In many cases, the lawsuit claims that the companies failed to warn consumers about a potentially life-threatening infection. While a single case is not enough to sue a company, many other lawsuits have been filed against companies for failure to warn parents about their products.

While the majority of infants affected by the recalled formula are healthy, others have developed serious illness. Symptoms may include fever and gastrointestinal issues. Rare infections caused by Cronobacter include meningitis and sepsis. If you or a child has developed any of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. If the symptoms persist, your child may qualify for an Alimentum Baby Formula Recall Lawsuit.

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