Antarctic Star Wine Cooler Review

An Antarctic Star wine cooler has two separate temperature zones, one of which is 41degF and the other is 54degF. There’s an interior light that lets you see your collection without opening the door. The temperature settings are automatically locked after three minutes. To unlock them, simply press the “+” and “-” buttons on the control panel. Then, you can easily choose the temperature you want. There are also two additional temperature settings for the lower and upper sections of the cooler.

The Antarctic Star wine cooler has a power consumption of 65W. Its heavy-duty glass door is air-tight to ensure optimum wine storage temperature. Its temperature gauge allows you to select the right temperature for your wine and other beverages. You can also purchase an optional wine rack, if desired. It fits perfectly in any beverage refrigerator. A few of its features are detailed below. It can hold up to 36 bottles.

The Antarctic Star wine cooler is easy to use and maintain the temperature you want. The door features an on/off switch, temperature dial, and temperature rotation button. A fan circulates air evenly throughout the entire cooler to maintain the proper temperature for your wine. The patented three-dimensional air-cooling cycle system ensures the temperature is maintained to +/-1degF. If you’re concerned about noise or vibration, this cooler won’t be an option for you.

An Antarctic star wine cooler is a solid and durable appliance that fits into any kitchen countertop. Its reversible door allows you to view your favorite beverages. The temperature is maintained at exactly the right temperature, preserving the full flavor and character of your wines. And with its sleek stainless steel design, it doesn’t take up much space. If space is an issue, the Antarctic Star cooler is an excellent option for the kitchen.

The Antarctic Star wine cooler is designed for freestanding installation. It is perfect for storing red and white wines, canned beer, and other drinks. The adjustable front leveling legs allow you to place the unit anywhere in your home without the risk of damage to your wine or other beverage. You’ll enjoy a glass of wine while you chill your favorite beverage. The temperature control is excellent and it is a low noise appliance.

The Antarctic Star cooler is quiet. Its compressor runs at 42 decibels, meaning the unit is nearly silent. Because it is silent, it doesn’t disturb your wine’s natural flavor. It also prevents sediment from disrupting its compounds. You can also rest assured that the Antarctic Star will preserve your wine in the best way possible. You can even store large bottles like magnums. The unit has a security lock, too.

This wine cooler features a temperature range of eighteen to thirty-eight degrees. It’s an excellent choice for storing wine. The Antarctic Star wine cooler is also great for storing other beverages, such as beer and cider. The manufacturer claims that it can hold up to 18 wine bottles, but they’re probably overstating the number by 10 or so. The compressor helps the wine remain at the right temperature.

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