What’s on the Polka Dot bar?


Polka dot bar is a chocolate clone from the famous Candy Bar Willy Wonka. It contains psilocybin, psychoactive substances similar to LSD. The blades contain mushroom extract known as a few names, including magical mushrooms, shrooms, and psilocybin. Even though these ingredients are not addictive, many people want to know about the effects they can have when they eat this delicious treats.

This chocolate blade contains equivalent to 4G psilocybin from psychedelic mushrooms. They are good for microdose, and they can also be used as an easy way to take psychoactive drugs. This bar has 15 pieces, making it easy to get broken into pieces that can be managed. 3.5 grams of mushrooms at each bar are combined to make delicious treats.

The 3.5 gram psilocybin mushroom is equivalent to four grams of psilocybin from psychedelic mushrooms. Sweet chocolate will hide mushroom sense and help you micro doses. The Polka dot bar contains 15 easily broken pieces that are perfect for microsity. This will provide the energy you need to conquer the day and face the challenges you face.

3.5 grams of psilocybin in the polka dot mushroom bar is equivalent to four grams of psilocybin from psychedelic mushrooms. This is a useful method of microdosity because it makes it more difficult to detect fungal flavors. There are fifteen pieces per polka dot mushroom bar. If you are looking for psychedelic experiences, this candy for you.

A polka dot blade is delicious treats. It’s also a good way to experiment with a different taste. Try the psilocybin bar with a small mushroom in it. You might not even need it, but it’s a good place to start. Psilocybin at the Polka Dot Bar is a strong neurotransmitter very effective to be high.

Psilocybin at the Polka Dot Mushroom Bar is equivalent to four grams of mushrooms in Psychedelic mushrooms. Mushroom flavors are effectively hidden with brown chocolate gray stems. Psilocybin Polka Dot Mushrooms at the Psilocybin Polka Dot Bar are also the popular type of psychedelic candy.

Polka dot bar can help you become high. The four gram magical mushroom is very strong. This can cause space distortion and mystical experience. It is also useful for a number of other mental conditions, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. For this reason, polka dot blades may only make you high. If you like psychedelics, this bar might be the perfect chocolate for you.

Psilocybin in the Polka Dot bar is actually a psychoactive substance. It can make you feel euphoria. The fungus is very strong so it’s hard to notice. This can make the polka dot bar look rather strange or not in its place. If you are not a fungus fan, try one of the psychedelic varieties.

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