The Antarctic Star 15″ Wine Cooler

The Antarctic Star wine cellar is the ideal way to slowly mature and preserve your favorite wines. The cabinet is built with a UV-protected glass door and telescopic runners. The interior includes an LED lighting system and a digital temperature display. The unit is designed to preserve wine at the right temperature and help you save on your electric bill. The door features two-zone controls. The temperature of red wine and white wine depends on several factors including the type of bottle, the vintage, and the length of time the bottle has been stored.

The Antarctic Star wine cooler is built with an automatic temperature lock and a locking mechanism. When the door is closed for more than three minutes, it automatically locks. To unlock, you must press the + and – keys together. The door features a right-hinge design. The handle is 17.7 inches tall and reaches the height of the glass insert. It also has a built-in universal hexagon bolt lock. The locking system prevents unauthorized access.

The Antarctic Star 15″ wine cooler is a beautiful unit. It is a value in the built-in 15-inch category, with many high-end features. It is also built with a quiet compressor cooling system. The door handle is full-length stainless steel. It has a total capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, and it is easy to install. The only other requirement is to plug it into an electrical outlet.

The Antarctic Star 15″ wine cooler has a stylish, high-end look. Its seamless stainless steel frame is a premium feature and it looks like an expensive wine cellar. The model has all the features that you’d expect from a high-end product. Its dual-pane glass door, quiet compressor cooling system, and full-length stainless steel door handle ensure a secure and efficient storage of your favorite wines.

Despite its price, the Antarctic star 15″ wine cooler is a great value. The stainless steel frame and dual-pane glass door make it look like an expensive appliance. But it isn’t. It’s actually the best value for the money in the built-in 15″ category. Unlike many models in this price range, the Antarctic Star has a wide selection of high-end features. For instance, it has a stainless steel door handle, which is a good touch.

The Antarctic Star 15″ wine cooler looks like an expensive model. However, it is a great value when compared to other wine coolers in the same category. The sleek stainless steel frame is a great feature, but it also looks like a high-end product. The dual-pane glass door is another plus for the Antarctic Star. The interior of the unit is designed to be airtight. You can easily clean the interior with a hose.

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