Important Facts About Cancer and Metastases

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that we have today. It does not only affect the individual but also those around him or her. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that individuals who are affected with cancer are more likely to die earlier than others. With this, it is important for everyone to know the causes of cancer in order for us to prevent it from spreading.

Cancer cells can spread to other areas of the human body through the blood stream. For example, breast cancer cells that were originally found in the lining of the breasts can now travel to the lymph nodes. From the lymph nodes, the cancer cells may then travel into other parts of the body including the bone, brain, and even the abdominal cavity. Aside from these, there are also instances wherein the cancer cells manage to spread to various organs in the body such as the liver, kidney, lungs, bones, and gastrointestinal tract among many others.

One of the most common forms of cancer that can be spread to other areas of the body is referred to as primary external antigen (PIA). This is a kind of genetic material that can be found in the pore of a normal cell. However, for the melanoma cells, this substance is composed of single genes. Thus, when the individual comes in contact with the disease-causing virus during its early stage, there is a great possibility that he or she may suffer from the attack because of PIA.

Another way that سرطان cells can spread to other areas of the body is through metastases. As what have been mentioned above, metastases are characterized by the ability of the cancer cells to invade and occupy an organ that was once resistant to it. In the case of metastases, the cancer cells enter through an organ’s tissue that has not yet been affected. As such, if an individual experiences any of these symptoms, he or she should immediately consult a doctor in order to identify the main tumor.

Once the doctor has already identified the main tumor, he or she will then proceed to remove it. However, some tumors can also cause death if they spread beyond the original site. As such, a good rule of prevention would be to remove anything that can get in the way of the patient’s normal cells from the site of the metastasis. Commonly, these include bones, ligaments, and organs. If one has been exposed to the cancerous element via metastases, one should immediately inform his or her doctor about the situation so that additional measures can be taken.

There are also two kinds of metastases – the stable ones and the unstable ones. While the cancer cells are allowed to divide uncontrollably, the stable metastases are not. They remain stuck to the walls of the blood cells and can easily be removed via a surgery. However, they still have the tendency to spread to other areas of the body and can even result to metastatic colon cancer.

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