Sarasota Asks Outstanding Architectural Winners

Sarasota architects have garnered nationwide publicity as some of the best in the nation. As a member of the Florida-based nonprofit Sarasota Architects Inc., they have received national awards and numerous professional awards for their creative and outstanding contributions to the Sarasota community. Sarasota’s top architects have won several awards for their contributions to Sarasota architecture, such as the AIA Sarasota Senior Institute of Architecture’s Best Structured Waterfront or Walkway Award. They also have received the award for the best waterfront rehabilitation building from the Florida Society of Home Builders.

Among the awardees this year, five Sarasota architects have received prestigious national awards. Among them is Robert Abbey, principal architect of the award-winning Ellington Pavilion in West Palm Beach. Mr. Abbey has also served as an architectural consultant to the state’s House of Representatives. Mr. Abbey has been active in the Sarasota architectural community for many years, and he brings valuable experience to the architectural foundation of the pavilion.

The other recipient of an AIA Sarasota Best Structured Waterfront or Walkway award is Jon Bitzer, principal of Belmont Associates. Jon Bitzer has been active in the Sarasota architectural community for over 30 years. Prior to becoming a principal of Belmont Associates, Mr. Bitzer was an architectural engineer with the Department of Defense. Mr. Bitzer was responsible for the design of the Washington Air Force Base’s continental headquarters complex.

The Sarasota architectural community as a whole has taken notice of these awardees. Many look forward to hosting a presentation by one or more of these awardees at their office. However, there are many other Sarasota-area awardees worthy of your attention. One organization that deserves special recognition is the Sarasota Association of Builders. This not only includes many awardees, but it is a membership organization that offers important networking opportunities. Another organization that deserves mention is the Sarasota County Public Library system.

This system is home to one of the nation’s premier libraries, the Sarasota County/UVCS Sarasota College of Technology. The college offers courses in nearly every aspect of engineering, technology, and business. These courses have produced some amazing leaders, including Bill Gross, John Fisher, and Keith Gilfill. These awardees will certainly be missed, but the legacy of their work will live on through their teaching, mentoring, and consulting skills. Both of these organizations have worked hard to build strong ties to their communities.

There are many more outstanding awardees in Sarasota that have worked hard to advance their skills and businesses. This list is far from complete, but it is indicative of just how varied the field of architectural practices is in Sarasota. Any company, professional firm, or individual that wishes to receive any type of architectural award should contact an expert in the field to discuss the scope of the award. A good relationship and a solid history can go a long way to helping an awardee land the job they want.

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