Power of Words – Why You Must Use Strong Words in Social Networking Service

“Social Network” has been coined to describe the phenomenon of getting to know new people by exchanging personal information through network. Social networks like Myspace, Facebook and Multiply are used by majority of the people to interact and share information with their dear ones. You can use the social network to search for your old friends, classmates or high school classmates using their names and address. It is fun to use social network to keep in touch with your loved one who was a long time ago. Below are some tips to make it more fun and memorable.

“8 hours ago Socialnetwork was very powerful but today it has lost all its strength”. If you are very strong then you can share strong sentences and even links with your friends but if you are weak then you have to use weak sentence. Remember that social network is made of strong network and weak link are also there in it. So, if you want to get the attention of your friend then you have to be strong to give your link.

“I went to Facebook, Myspace and Twitter in those three hours ago”. No you don’t need to bring some impressive line to win over your audience but you can just simply state your main idea in one sentence. Strong sentence can create impact because audience always follows those powerful and strong sentences. People will also get curious about you if you are interesting enough to share your thoughts. And most importantly you have to use strong words in you profile so that your friends can notice you faster and easier.

“My sister went to social network in four hours”. This sentence clearly shows that you are interested about someone and your relation with him/her. Also, you don’t need to bring any strong words in it. Just use strong words like brother, sister or wife in short sentence. Your friends will feel interested in you once they read your post.

“I joined Twitter after four hours”. This kind of sentence shows you that you are serious in networking service and you are not a novice in this field. Just make sure that your sentence is strong and complete so that people can easily notice you.

“I joined twitter after one hour”. This kind of sentence is interesting because you can clearly show your interest that you had to share your thoughts in that hour or 1 hour ago. Furthermore, you don’t need to use many words in this sentence because short words are better than long words. It will only make your post shorter and simpler to read.

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