What Is A Sustainable Architecture Project?

The landscape of the state of New South Wales is marked with natural and man-made structures such as hills, rivers, lakes and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There are many residential architects who have worked hard to transform this region into a modern and vibrant metropolis. Most of the Sydney architecture can be traced back in the form of the khora or the Bat Houses which were created around the 1820s by the native Chinese. These distinctive buildings stand proudly on the banks of the Sydney Harbor and they were considered as one of the most significant constructions in the area.

Today, these distinctive structures have been turned into a wide array of residential dwellings by the Sydney architects who specialize in modern residential architecture. The Australian National University (ANU) has recently completed a major project to turn the Khora into a dynamic center for the academic community. The project called ‘Scenic Domain’, a project led by Professoressors Zhi Zhong, Lin Shu-lin and Yang Feng-kin of the ANU was able to completely transform the Khora into a dynamic centre. In this project, the students from the Australian National University built five scenic domains that contain over one hundred and fifty ancient Chinese structures. These structures were used as models for the construction of the contemporary houses of different sizes and styles.

There are also a lot of private developers who have realized the potential of the Khora and they are planning to build more residential properties in the area. This project was successful due to the involvement of local architects and experts in the field of building architecture. It was found that the traditional building methods were not applicable for the sustainable development of the city’s housing requirements. It was found that the use of open and conserved spaces and the building of walkways and water features was essential to creating an eco-friendly environment. This project was carried out by the Sydney architects OMA, SLID, ZaaZwa and Hanuszawa Company.

Another major change in the Khora occurred when the city government changed the planning regulations in 2021. These regulations allowed developers to construct buildings of any size and with any number of residents. This meant that more flexibility was introduced in terms of the construction of contemporary houses. This new policy of the city council made it possible to build two story modern houses with an attached swimming pool and a swimming pool condo or a house with one or more attached apartments. All of these developments were planned using sustainable and environmental techniques.

The Australian National University has also made a lot of contribution to the developments taking place in Khora. Its faculty of architects led by Associate Professor Zhi Zhong developed a concept of sustainable living that combines ecological systems and sustainable building design. This concept was later adopted by other Sydney Architects. The concept they developed is highly flexible and can easily be adapted to various settings including residential buildings, schools, hospitals and offices. It also advocates active involvement of the community in the planning, development and maintenance of the sustainable communities.

Another major change that occurred within the field of sustainable architecture was the creation of the Khuraian Group of architects. The group was formed in 2021 to bring together Khuraian independent and established practitioners of sustainable architecture in Australia. They are committed to developing new and innovative projects using sustainable and energy efficient methods. This group of Sydney architects has set up its own foundation and has offices in China and Hong Kong. The group’s goal is to bring to the public the latest advances being made in the field of sustainable architecture.

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