G19 Tungsten Slide Information

The G19 Tungsten Slide is made with the finest quality Tungsten Carbide. This material has the highest hardness rating of any known metal and it is the most durable as well. Its all important to note that this material does not scratch easily at all. Unlike many other slides it features a limited lifetime warranty which lasts for ten years or so. When you are out hunting and you happen to come across one of these gems, don’t miss out on the opportunity.

If you are an individual who likes the look of titanium but also wants something that is strong and durable, then you are likely to love the G19 Slide. The slide is strong and sturdy while still being comfortable to hold. These slides do require a bit more work to assemble than some others but the effort is well worth it. Most people who use them will tell you that the amount of time required to put them together is minimal. One nice feature about the Slide is the ability to remove the front plate without removing the entire slide.

Some may prefer the traditional appearance of the G19 Slide over the more modern designs available. These slides are available in both stainless steel and black. They can be purchased in a standard size or for a special order.

Many people choose to use the G19 Slide in their outdoor living spaces. There are many different models available which are perfect for balconies, patios and porches. It is important to note that the front plate needs to be removed in order to take the slide apart. Once it is apart it can usually be disassembled and used elsewhere. The slide comes with a non-slip grip which makes it even easier to take care of.

The slides are also perfect for use when decorating. They can be used indoors or outdoors and work great in any decor. Most are quite affordable and can be found for under $50. Prices vary depending on where you purchase from. They are offered at most major retailers as well as direct from manufacturers.

If you are interested in purchasing a slide you will want to visit a dealer. While they will not be able to provide you with help or advice on which slides are best, they can tell you which ones to avoid. In most cases they can even supply pictures or product information. Before purchasing a tungsten slide it is best to do research and understand how to care for the product.

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