Is Preggophilia a Sexual Fantasy?

PREGNANCY. In Greek, preggophilia is the medical name for infertility caused by the lack of ovulation or lack of menstruation. Because of this lack of menstruation, a woman cannot become pregnant, even with in vitro fertilization. Although men produce an egg cell during the process of reproduction, a woman’s body usually cannot produce enough mature egg cells to trigger ovulation and result in conception. This is why the process of fertilization requires having intercourse several days before ovulation occurs.

PREGNANCY PREDISTRY. The precise cause of preggophilia is not yet known, although heredity is thought to play a role. In some cases, the disorder runs in the family, with the sons being preggophiliacs. In others it is believed to be the result of mental disorders. Many people who are sexually attracted to prepubescent girls are in fact prepubescent boys. Preggo males often develop genital tumors or other reproductive abnormalities at a young age, and the tendency toward prepubescent sex starts at puberty.

Sexual fetishes of pre-mature women can range from erotic fantasies to outright pornography. In fact, many people confuse preggophilia with zoophilia (or same-sex sexual attractions). However, zoophiliac men are actually born with a predisposition to having sexual fetishes and relationships with women; they would not develop any sexual fetishes or relationships if they did not have this predisposition. Pedophilic men who develop sexual fetishes toward prepubescent girls are actually born with an inherited abnormality within their reproductive systems. The abnormal development of this system makes it possible for these men to experience sexual arousal and satisfaction even when not having sex, or after a period of time without having intercourse.

People who suffer from Preggophilia  have a significantly large amount of time thinking about their preferred sexual fantasies. This means that they think about their fetishes and desires a considerable amount of time before they experience them. Most people with preggophilia are able to have children; however, they often remain single for a very long time because of their difficulty in satisfying their sexual urges.

There are three types of preggophilia – a genetic form of preggophilia; non-genetic, Maesotropean preggophilia; and sociogenital preggophilia. Those with genetic forms of preggophilia will generally grow up to be healthy, happy, and well adjusted adults. Those with a non-genetic form of preggophilia can sometimes suffer from serious social issues such as depression, substance abuse, and frequent miscarriages. Those with a sociogenital form of preggophilia might often be married and divorced at an early age, have adopted children, and have poor self-esteem.

If you have preggophilia and would like to try to find out if you have a mild form of it, your best bet would be to participate in online dating. There are many different online dating sites that cater to people with preggophilia and other different fetish fetishes. You can find partners that are compatible with your behaviors and interests with the help of online dating. You can also talk to people with similar fetishes online so that you can get a better understanding of how you feel about the same type of behavior in others.

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