Enjoy Recreational Enthusiasts With the High End Canninghill Piers Floor Plan in Singapore

The distinctive floor plan of Canninghill Piers apartments is divided into three sections namely, Canninghill Terrace, Canninghill Village and Singapore River Walk. The Canninghill Terrace also has restaurants and stores, which are situated on the ground floor while the Canninghill Village includes a playground, dog Park, Chinese restaurant and a shopping mall. Apart from these, there is a small clubroom in Canninghill Village which has a small stage for live music. There are also some other small restaurants and eateries in the Canninghill Terrace and in the Canninghill village.

The Canninghill Piers floor plan has been designed keeping in mind the existing commercial activities happening at the area. Thus, the apartments have high end facilities and amenities like restaurants, night clubs, shopping malls, cinema houses, premium shops, etc. Besides, these amenities there are several other types of amenities available in the Canninghill Piers Apartments. These include a library with an international book store, a health centre, a library and a mini town hall. The facilities and amenities of the Canninghill Piers Apartments provide for a great stay in Singapore.

Apart from the above-mentioned amenities, the Canninghill Piers floor plan also offers several other kinds of amenities for the visitors. Some of these amenities include a water body, a play area and a playground. Apart from these, there are many schools, a shopping mall, a service residence, a pharmacy, a mini town hall and a swimming pool. Among these, the Montessori kindergarten and the International School are the most renowned services provided in the Canninghill Piers Floor Plan.

The residential apartments and the Canninghill Piers Floor Plan are equipped with top-notch facilities. These include a mini town hall, a high class restaurant, a shopping center, a mini cinema and a water body. There are also a shopping lounge and a restaurant. The dining room is available with a variety of cuisines. Moreover, there are several restaurants serving the delicious Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines in the Canninghill Piers Floor Plan.

The apartments and the Canninghill Piers Floor Plan are fully equipped with the essential plumbing, electric wiring, ventilation as well as the basic necessities required for a comfortable and pleasurable stay. The Canninghill Piers has been developed to provide a fully fledged community with high-end facilities and amenities. Besides, it has been designed keeping in mind the existing commercial activities taking place in the area. Thus, the Canninghill Piers offers a very comfortable living experience for the residents of the apartments. Apart from the residential apartments, the Canninghill Piers also offers several serviced apartments to serve the needs of the business community.

The Canninghill Piers has been divided into seven parts. Each part of the Canninghill Piers Floor Plan offers a set of apartments, which are classified into five types – units, duplexes, townhouses, row homes and condominiums. The units are classified on the basis of the square meters. The apartments have twenty-four meters of total floor area.

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