What to Look Forward to in a Canninghill Pines Condo

Here at the launch of this upcoming luxury residential property in Singapore called Canninghill Piers, developers LexiMar has presented the distinctive retail design of their flagship Canninghill Piers condominium to a select few. This project, which is expected to bring the first new high-rise residential building in Singapore in almost two decades, has been designed by renowned architect starchussp and current Paces in Singapore, Peter Lechter and Richard Teo. This new mixed-use tower located at the eastern end of what was earlier the Highpoint Shopping Centre, will feature retail shops and restaurants on the ground level along with Canninghill Piers’ world-renowned Canninghill Walk – a spectacular sky-edge promenade. The ground level retail space will feature Canninghill’s trademark high Profile Granite facades, while the upper floors are set to feature canopy-style windows.

Located directly on top of the Singapore River, Canninghill Piersominiums offer spectacular views of the city skyline, the ridges, ferries and marine life. Located on the second tier of the tower’s nine-story structure, the main retail space will feature a combination of dining spaces, coffee bars, boutique shops and Canninghill’s signature Granite facades. Retail spaces on the ground level of the tower will feature a mix of Canninghill’s popular restaurants and fast-food outlets, while a series of elevators and staircases will take visitors up to the top floors of the residential units on the second tier. Located next to a full slate of stunning luxury apartments and Singapore hotels, Canninghill Piers is sure to become one of the most popular destinations in Singapore.

Located next to Singapore’s central business district and serviced by the world-class Canninghill Piers ferry every day, residents of Canninghill Piers can enjoy the conveniences and privacy of an elevated urban environment. The Canninghill Shopping Centre, a favourite among locals and visitors alike, will be situated in the centre of the tower. The ground level of the Canninghill Piers condos are landscaped to look like a modern mall with glass-paned doors and glass concretes replacing traditional storefront windows. The Canninghill Shopping Centre is one of the premiere shopping destinations in the Singapore shopping districts, with excellent food choices as well as extensive collections of ready to shop goods and gifts. Located next to the Singapore River, the Canninghill Piers condos are an ideal place for residents and visitors to shop for unique and contemporary products at bargain prices.

Set against the backdrop of picturesque natural scenery, the Canninghill Piers promenade will give residents and visitors the chance to experience Singapore’s outdoor lifestyle. Located directly on the Singapore River, the Canninghill Piers Promenade is one of the most scenic promenades in the whole of Singapore. The Canninghill Piers promenade is a popular attraction among locals and visitors alike. You can take a short walk away from the Canninghill Piers condos to experience the promenade the natural way – amidst the greenery of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Located next to the Singapore River, the Canninghill Piers offers a variety of activities and facilities for residents and visitors, including boat trips on the Singapore River and a trek across the Malay Water Bridge on foot.

With the Master Plan, the Canninghill Piers condos were designed to bring the beauty of Singapore’s waterfront to residents and visitors. Under the master plan, there are three areas: a promenade, a water park and a leisurely walking path along the river promenade. Residents of the Canninghill Piers condos will benefit from the easy access to the water and the nearby dining, entertainment and shopping options. The Canninghill Piers master plan also includes easy access to the Singapore Botanical Garden, which offers a wide variety of recreational activities for residents of the Canninghill Piers. This area was purposely designed to bridge the gap between the commercial center and the residential areas of Singapore, which help in creating a micro haven for visitors and residents.

For residents, this proximity to the essential business areas of Singapore means that they can enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. Located just minutes away from the Canninghill Market, the Canninghill Piers condos are an ideal choice for residents who want to enjoy the bustling life in one of the city’s posh suburbs. The Canninghill Piers condos are not far from the Singapore River, making it easy to visit the local restaurants and shopping malls. For tourists, the nearby world-class shopping malls and fine restaurants offer a wide variety of dining experiences. With easy access to several bus services and taxi services that connect to the Singapore City Centre, residents of the Canninghill Piers condos are only minutes away from the various entertainment and lifestyle amenities of the city.

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