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Cat Food – What to Know Before Choosing Your Cat’s Food

Cat food is made with many of the same ingredients as dog food. This can be confusing to a cat owner, as we all know we cannot make the food that we love to eat. There are some things that you should know when shopping for your cat’s food. The first is that most commercial cat foods contain more than they need. This can be dangerous to your cat’s health because the food may not be balanced or contain necessary nutrients.

What happens when a cat eats only dry kibble is that the nutrients are taken from the water in which they’re fed and the fat content of the food is less than it needs to be for optimum health. Many commercial pet foods use byproducts, sugar or salt as a primary ingredient. It is even possible to find chocolate or caramel as ingredients in some brands. This can be harmful for your cat’s nutritional needs.

Another thing to be careful of is the preservatives and chemicals that may be used. Most manufacturers add petrochemicals to their products and although approved, these chemicals have been linked to health problems in cats including renal failure and cancer. These chemicals need to be avoided because they may be toxic to your cat’s digestive system. This is important to know as our cats may not only eat our food but also drink it.

When choosing cat food, you have to take into consideration what your cat’s actual diet is. This may sound obvious, but we tend to assume that our cats are eating a high quality homemade brand when in fact a cat’s diet can vary quite significantly from household to household. Look for a cat food that is made with high quality ingredients like wholesome grains and vegetables. You should also avoid petrochemicals and preservatives.

When it comes to choosing TheCatsite, you will have to decide between canned and dry cat food. Canned foods are cheaper but they do not provide your cat with the vitamins and nutrients that a dry diet will provide. However, if you can’t afford to buy a new cat food make sure you check the label for protein to see how much energy your cat gets each day.

Cat owners who cannot afford to buy special cat food can make homemade cat food. If you use a food processor and some of the ingredients such as bones and rice, it will be just as nutritious as most commercial brands. You can simply cut up the vegetables, grains and dried meats into fine particles and add this mixture to a shallow dish of water for your cat to drink. This is a very economical way to provide your cat with the nutrients she needs without going over your budget.

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